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Our Jacksonville family law attorneys will use their experience to select the right approach under Florida law based on the facts of your situation. We can help you get beyond the confusion of a divorce or custody issue so that you can define your own objectives and preferred legal strategies.

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At the Lasky Law Firm in Jacksonville, our legal team can provide you with detailed and dedicated legal representation that is focused on helping you, your family, and your children achieve legal goals. No matter what your problem might involve, we will work closely with you toward a successful outcome. We know that this can be a trying and difficult time, but trust that you can have a support system with us.

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Our firm can also provide legal counsel to help victims of domestic violence and abuse by obtaining restraining orders, a divorce, or an annulment

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For dependable advice about the full range of problems that can arise in a divorce or other family law situation, contact the Duval County, Florida, family court attorneys at the Lasky Law Firm. We offer a discount to military families.

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