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At Lasky Law Firm, we are committed to helping people through difficult times. As a law firm focused on family law, we have seen firsthand how domestic violence can tear families apart. We have also represented clients who have been adversely impacted by false allegations of abuse. We offer experienced representation for clients who are seeking or opposing a domestic violence injunction (restraining order).

If your safety or rights are in jeopardy, do not delay. To speak with an experienced domestic violence attorney at our firm, contact us now.


Domestic violence refers to acts of violent or abusive acts committed by one family or household individual to another. This can come in the forms of both child and spousal abuse as well. Domestic violence is not only a physical act, it can occur if the person is showing controlling or threatening forms of behavior. People often refer to this as a “cycle of violence” because it can become ongoing if not reported. The punishment for a domestic violence crime is based off various factors including:

  • Whether or not a restraining order was violated
  • Whether a minor was present during the time of violence
  • The severity of the victim’s injuries


If you need a dedicated advocate who will fight for you and protect your rights, you can rely on Lasky Law Firm. We can seek a domestic violence injunction on your behalf to restore peace to your home and your life.

Florida law provides help for victims of domestic violence. A domestic violence injunction may:

  • Grant exclusive use and possession of the home to the protected party.
  • Prohibit an abuser from making further contact in person, by phone, by email or by other
  • means of communication with the protected party.
  • Establish a temporary child support and spousal support order.
  • Order such other relief as the court deems necessary.

In certain circumstances, the court may also establish a temporary custody order.


If you have been accused of domestic violence, do not delay. Contact an attorney immediately to protect your rights.

If a court makes a finding that you have committed an act of domestic violence, it will significantly impact your rights. If you have children, your custody and timesharing (visitation) rights are in significant jeopardy. Our attorneys will closely examine the facts of your case and build a strong defense on your behalf to ensure the protection of your rights.

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