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Marines Divorce ImageActive service, deployment, and a range of other issues can complicate a military divorce. Besides these practical concerns, there are certain state and federal laws that apply exclusively to military divorce. To ensure that your rights and interests are protected as a Marine or a non-military spouse, it is important to work with a divorce attorney who has specific experience handling military divorce cases.

The Lasky Law Firm in Jacksonville represents Marines and non-military spouses in divorce and related legal matters. To learn how an experienced Florida Marine divorce lawyer can protect your rights, contact the firm today to schedule a consultation.

Divorce Representation for Marines and Civilian Spouses

Florida Marine divorce lawyer Cindy Lasky can help you address a range of legal issues that may arise in your divorce:

Attorney Lasky will learn about your unique circumstances, needs, and goals, and help you work toward finalizing your divorce in the most efficient manner possible. She can help you address your immediate concerns and help you make positive decisions about the legal issues that will affect you and your family in the future, such as child custody and alimony.

Find out more about these military divorce-specific topics:

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The Lasky Law Firm proudly represents Marines and non-military spouses in divorce-related matters. To schedule a consultation with a Florida Marine divorce lawyer, contact our Duval County family law firm today.

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