Florida National Guard Divorce


If you are facing divorce and are a member of the National Guard — or if you are a military spouse — it is important to work with an attorney who has specific experience in military divorce cases. Attorney Cindy Lasky has significant experience protecting the rights and interests of both military members and spouses, paying special attention to matters involving the division of military pension and retirement benefits.

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Assisting National Guard Members in Divorce
Attorney Lasky is an experienced military divorce lawyer who can help you address a range of legal matters:

Our firm is ready to assist no matter what unique circumstances you are facing: deployment, separation, parental relocation, etc. We can explain various legal strategies that may be available in an effort to help you realize your goals. Divorce legal matters can be complex and even overwhelming. We aim to inform and educate you while providing exemplary legal services.

Find out more about these military divorce-specific topics:

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