Jacksonville Family Lawyers with 80+ Years’ of Total Experience

At The Lasky Law Firm, our Jacksonville divorce attorneys are renowned for being able to take on any divorce or family law issue for our clients and finding a path to a solution. We have the experience, focus, and skill required to handle problems both common and uncommon, giving our clients the peace of mind and confidence they deserve and require in what can be a trying time. From child custody and support questions to filing for divorce to grandparent custody concerns, there are no family law, divorce, and marriage legal issues outside of our understanding.

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Unusual Family Law Issues We Can Manage

The common problems that arise in family law cases are often the only topics that get any attention by legal professionals. At our Jacksonville family law firm, we acknowledge that there are many more concerns that can burden our clients. It has always been our goal to maximize our comprehension of Florida family law so we can assist our clients in any and all issues.

Some unusual or uncommon matters we can handle for you include:

  • Legal marriage, de facto marriage, and cohabitation advice
  • Using annulment or informal/legal separation
  • Reviewing or drafting antenuptial or postnuptial agreements
  • Negotiating property settlements and spousal support amounts to maximize tax benefits while minimizing the chances of an IRS audit
  • Child support, child custody, and visitation plans for dependent children with disabilities
  • Starting and completing a military divorce for an active duty service member
  • Divorcing a spouse with a history of substance abuse, mental debilitation, or domestic violence
  • Obtaining and upholding a restraining order against an abusive spouse or family member
  • Juvenile dependency issues that may cause out-of-home placement of your child, or the termination of your parental rights
  • Setting up and protecting a grandparent’s or relative’s rights to visitation after another family member’s divorce

Up-to-Date & Knowledgeable Legal Representation

Florida laws regarding family law issues, divorce statutes, and the Domestic Relations Code changes often and sometimes dramatically. Our Jacksonville divorce lawyers intentionally stay on top of proposed and passed legislation so our clients are never blindsided by alterations that can affect their cases. In a way, our understanding of the state’s laws becomes your understanding as well. This is the high caliber of service you deserve and what we intend to deliver, time after time, case after case.

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