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5 Ways To Save On Legal Fees During Divorce

Jacksonville Divorce Lawyers » Blog » Divorce » 5 Ways To Save On Legal Fees During Divorce

5 Ways To Save On Legal Fees During Divorce


Divorce is a stressful process. It also can be an expensive ordeal. If you are facing a divorce, you are probably worried about the financial cost of the whole process. You are probably considering not hiring a divorce lawyer to save money. However, the truth is that not hiring a divorce lawyer could cost you more. You can hire an attorney and still save on legal fees during your divorce. There are many other ways of saving on legal fees during your divorce. Below are some steps you can take to save on legal costs during your Florida divorce.

Consider Resolving Your Divorce-related Issues Out of Court

The most expensive way of resolving divorce-related issues is by going to court. Therefore, it makes sense to consider settling your divorce-related matters out of court if you want to save on legal fees. Only take your divorce to court if all else fails.

There are many alternatives to divorce court. For example, parties can communicate directly with each other and work out the details; parties can attend mediation; or parties can hire an experienced divorce attorney and select the collaborative divorce process. Parties need to understand that it is not mandatory that the Court make the decisions in their case.

Do Not Lie or Keep Information from Your Attorney

If you lie to your attorney or keep information from him or her, he or she will be surprised later. When that happens, your attorney will have to spend extra time uncovering the facts. And if your attorney has to spend extra time uncovering facts, you will need to pay more. If you want to save money, it is best that you avoid lying to your attorney or keeping information from him or her. No matter how bad a piece of information seems, it is best that you share it with your attorney.

Prepare in Advance for Meetings                                

The time you spend in a meeting with a divorce attorney can impact how much you pay him or her. When you have an appointment with your attorney, writing down the information you need to share with him or her ahead of time can help keep the meeting short and thus lead to reduced legal fees.

Communicate With Your Spouse Respectfully

It can be hard to communicate respectfully with your spouse during divorce, but if you want to save on legal fees, you should do your best to communicate respectfully with your spouse. When you cannot communicate respectfully with your spouse, your attorney needs to step in and communicate on your behalf. Divorce attorneys are always ready to communicate on behalf of their clients. However, you need to remember that divorce attorneys charge for their time. So the more your attorney has to communicate on your behalf, the more you will pay.

Respond Promptly to Your Attorney

When you respond promptly to your attorney when he or she asks you for a document, for example, he or she does not have to follow up on you, which means time does not add up. Apart from helping you save on legal fees, responding promptly to your divorce attorney can help you ensure your case does not drag on.

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