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Jacksonville Divorce Lawyer
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Jacksonville Retirement Orders Lawyer

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Jacksonville Retirement Orders Lawyer

When there is a divorce, the division of property can have a major impact on things such as saving accounts, benefits, and other financial assets. Not knowing the status of your financial future can be worrisome for many people. Enlisting the help of an accomplished Jacksonville family lawyer can provide you with the necessary insight to provide clear legal guidance regarding your retirement. At the Lasky Law Firm, we have experienced Jacksonville retirement order lawyers who are able to provide aggressive representation for our clients.

Protection for Your Retirement

We can provide knowledgeable advocacy to help protect your:

  • IRA
  • Roth IRA
  • 401K
  • Military pension
  • Private pension
  • Public pension
  • State teachers’ retirement plans

The Process of Dividing Retirements

When any property is divided in the state of Florida, certain factors are examined by the court. These can include the length of the marriage, each party’s liabilities and debts, the economic status of each party, and the financial contribution of each party to the marriage. For the less division of retirement accounts, a single lump sum can be paid to the ex-spouse or it can be made in incremental payments. There can be difficulties with government and military pensions so having an experienced Jacksonville retirement orders lawyer can help.

Contact Our Law Firm for Seasoned Legal Advocacy

At the Lasky Law Firm, we have more than 55+ years of combined legal experience. We are able to utilize our experience as to provide our clients with attentive service for our clients. Our firm works hard to be as accommodating as possible including being centrally located between two courthouses.

Don’t hesitate to contact us at 904-399-1644 to arrange a consultation with our family law firm.

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