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Can You Legally Avoid Paying Child Support In Florida?

Jacksonville Divorce Lawyers » Blog » Child Support » Can You Legally Avoid Paying Child Support In Florida?

Can You Legally Avoid Paying Child Support In Florida?


In Florida, child support can be imposed on either parent after parents get divorced. Child support can also be imposed on a parent after paternity has been established. If you got divorced from your child’s other parent and were ordered to pay child support, or if you were ordered to pay child support after paternity had been established, you may be wondering what to do if you do not have enough finances. Perhaps you are wondering if there is any way for you to legally avoid paying child support. So, can you legally avoid paying child support in Florida? Keep reading to find out.

Some Basics on Child Support in Florida

First, in Florida, the primary purpose of child support is to make sure that both parents are financially responsible and financially caring for their child.

Second, child support must be calculated per the child support guidelines in Florida. Florida courts follow the Income Shares Model when determining who pays child support and what amount needs to be paid. The Income Shares Model considers, among others, the number of overnights exercised by each parent; the amount of income from all sources by each parent; other income streams such as unemployment; benefits which have a financial value; insurance costs for both parents and the child, and who pays the insurance for the child; out of state taxes; union dues; mandatory retirement contributions; and payments of child support and spousal support in this case or prior cases.

Are There Ways to Legally Avoid Paying Child Support in Florida?

There is technically no legal way to avoid paying child support in Florida.   It is possible that parents who have equal timesharing and equal incomes will not have a child support obligation. It is possible that timesharing together with the other financial obligations will yield a zero child support obligation.  It might even be the case that a disabled parent is allowed to receive credit and avoid child support because the child receives a disability benefit that inures to the child/based on that parent’s  disability.  Otherwise, child support cannot be avoided. Even if parties try to enter into an agreement waiving child support, the court will not uphold that agreement because in Florida, parents do not have the legal authority to waive child support on behalf of a child or children.

Contact a Jacksonville Child Support Lawyer

Avoiding child support is tricky but possible. If you want to know more about avoiding paying child support in Florida without any negative consequences, contact a Jacksonville child support lawyer at The Lasky Law Firm.



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