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Here’s How You Can Help Your Divorce Lawyer Effectively Represent You

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Here’s How You Can Help Your Divorce Lawyer Effectively Represent You


During a Florida divorce, it is best to work with a lawyer; however, even when you work with a divorce lawyer, your case might suffer negatively if you and your lawyer cannot effectively work together. When going through a Florida divorce, keep in mind that you and your lawyer are a team working to achieve the best outcome.

The following are some suggestions of how you can help your Florida divorce lawyer effectively represent you:

Be Honest With Your Divorce Lawyer

You might be tempted to hide some information from your divorce lawyer because you think the information will damage your case. Whatever the facts, it is crucial that you share those facts with your lawyer. Hiding information from your divorce lawyer could be detrimental to the outcome of your case. Regardless of how damaging you think a piece of information is, the best practice is to get out ahead of the bad information. A qualified divorce lawyer can help you prepare a response or defense. A skilled lawyer can help you do damage control. It is always best to take an offensive position rather than defensive position.

Provide Documents Promptly

Divorce cases involve a lot of documents, records, and information. When your divorce lawyer asks you to provide him or her with documents, records, or information, you should try to do so promptly. If you want to see a positive outcome from your divorce case, you should provide your lawyer with what he or she asks for within a reasonable amount of time. Do not delay or refuse to give your lawyer the documents, records, or information he or she asks for.  This ensures competent representation and substantially reduces unnecessary fees and costs if the attorney has to make additional efforts to retrieve records from you.  Divorce is expensive so any savings is important.

Don’t Ignore Your Lawyer’s Advice

If your divorce lawyer advises you, do not ignore his or her advice. If you ignore your lawyer’s advice, you might end up doing things that result in negative consequences. For example, if your lawyer offers you guidance on what to post and what not to post on your social media accounts, ensure you listen to him or her. Your lawyer is only trying to help you avoid posting things that could be used against you in your divorce case.

Have Realistic Goals

A divorce lawyer can tell you the results you can reasonably expect to achieve in your divorce case. If you share your goals with your lawyer and he or she tells you that it is unlikely to achieve the goals you have in mind, you should listen to him or her. It might be necessary for you to modify your goals. When you expect a lawyer to achieve results that are likely unachievable, you make his or her work hard. Moreover, divorce is difficult and it is very unlikely that either party will receive all the benefits that he or she expects.

Don’t Let Your Emotions Control You

No matter how angry you feel toward your spouse, it is in your best interest not to let your emotions control you. For example, do not call your spouse and insult him or her or give away property that belongs to your spouse. Such actions will only provide your spouse’s lawyer with evidence he or she can use against you. Such actions can be used to show how unreasonable you are.  If you are struggling with your emotions during a divorce, consider therapeutic support, or the support of family and friends.

Respond to Your Lawyer

Lastly, be responsive to your lawyer when he or she contacts you. When your lawyer asks you a question, provide him or her with a complete answer within a reasonable amount of time. Being responsive will make communication between you and your lawyer more efficient.

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