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Jacksonville Divorce Lawyer
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Jacksonville Modifications & Enforcement Lawyer

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Jacksonville Modifications & Enforcement Lawyer

Modifications in Alimony, Custody and Support Decrees Attorneys

Because needs and the ability to meet them may change after a divorce, a former spouse can always ask the family court to increase or decrease the amount of alimony or child support, or change the terms of child visitation arrangements. Asking isn’t always the same as getting, however. If you have questions about the likelihood that modification of a post-divorce obligation will be granted in your case, or if you need help enforcing the terms of your former spouse’s commitments, contact an experienced Jacksonville modifications & enforcement lawyer at the Lasky Law Firm.

We can review the facts of your situation and see whether a change in your circumstances can justify a judge’s decision to lower the amount of your child support obligations, or raise the amount of your alimony. We can also examine your child custody or visitation arrangements to see whether problems at your former spouse’s residence might support an order that primary custody be switched to you. Modification will usually only be ordered on a clear showing of materially changed circumstances, and we know how to assemble and present the necessary evidence in the right case. Better yet, we can often obtain an agreement for modification that can save you the uncertainty and expense of a court hearing.

Special rules apply to child custody modification in military divorces where a parent is on active duty. If you or your former spouse will be returning from a deployment, we can show you how these rules can increase the amount of visitation and access for the military parent while on home leave.

Our lawyers also know how to avoid and resolve enforcement problems when one spouse or the other defaults on alimony or child support payments. Violations of child support orders are especially serious, and the court has a wide range of options for enforcing these obligations. Enforcement tools range from garnishment to action against a driver’s license or professional license, and can even be punished by contempt of court. No matter which side of an enforcement proceeding you find yourself on, we can advise you and work toward a resolution of the problem, and represent your interests in court as necessary.

Contact Our Experienced Jacksonville Modifications & Enforcement Lawyers

For additional information about post-decree modification issues or child support enforcement problems, contact a knowledgeable Jacksonville divorce lawyer at the Lasky Law Firm.

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