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Professionals You Might Need Before, During, Or After Your Divorce

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Professionals You Might Need Before, During, Or After Your Divorce


If a divorce is imminent, you most likely know that you need to consider hiring a divorce attorney. A divorce attorney can help you deal with complex divorce-related issues; however, you may also need or utilize other professionals before, during, or after your divorce.  A divorce is a huge life change. One of the things you can do to help yourself is to work with the right professionals. This article discusses some of the professionals you might need before, during, or after your divorce.

A Therapist or Counselor                                                                                                                 

Unfortunately, many people avoid seeing a counselor or therapist because they don’t want to be called weak. Many people avoid seeing a counselor or therapist because they think they can handle the situation independently. Divorce is a highly emotional process that can result in feelings such as depression and anxiety, for both parents and children. Having a support system is important. Even if you do not think you or your children need therapy, you might want to consider this option and do not be afraid to utilize this tool as there are many professionals who can assist you and your children through the divorce process.

Vocational Expert

In many divorces, the income earning ability of one or both spouses is at issue. This can be true for establishing child support and/or spousal support.  It is not unusual to find a party who decides to become unemployed or underemployed during the divorce process.  In order to demonstrate the earning capacity of your spouse, the court will need to hear from an expert. This is where a vocational expert comes into play.  This expert can determine a party’s earning ability as well as available positions.  A vocational expert is an important component of many cases.

Forensic Accountant

Many divorcing parties own their own business or corporation as a sole proprietor or some form of corporation. The financial records in a corporation are more complex and it is easy to hide and manipulate assets and income when a corporation is involved. Therefore, it is important and common to utilize a forensic accountant in a divorce with these types of assets and income. This expert van provide a valuation of the business/corporation itself and this expert can also establish the true income and expenses associated with the business.  As with earning ability, the court will need to hear from an expert for this type of evidence to be admissible at trial.

A Mediator

In every divorce in Florida, which is not resolved by agreement of the parties, a mediator will be appointed by the court. The goal is to conduct a mediation with the parties and counsel in an effort to resolve each case without the  necessity of an expensive and time-consuming trial. A mediator is a neutral third party with experience in family law who will assist couples in reaching a mutually-beneficial agreement on divorce-related matters such as timesharing, spousal support, and property division. If an agreement is reached during mediation, the mediator will reduce the consent judgment, and parenting plan where applicable, to writing and prepare all written orders and judgments for final hearing.  There is an expense associated with the mediator; however, it is far less expensive than trial.  It is also a process of self-determination, which allows each party to have some input in the final terms of the divorce rather than having all decisions made by the judge.

After the divorce

After your divorce is final, our office offers services such as the preparation of a Final Will and Testament, as most parties will need to update or create a Will after a divorce is final. Our Will Packet includes a Will, a Living Will, a Pre-Need Guardianship, and Health Care Surrogate, as well as a possible Power of Attorney.  We also provide Guardianship Services as well as Probate and Estate Services, should those services be needed after the divorce is final.

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