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5 Reasons You Should Not Represent Yourself In Your Divorce

Jacksonville Divorce Lawyers » Blog » Divorce » 5 Reasons You Should Not Represent Yourself In Your Divorce

5 Reasons You Should Not Represent Yourself In Your Divorce


If you are facing a Florida divorce, you are not legally obligated to retain an attorney. In fact, most states in the United States of America do not require people to hire attorneys during a divorce. You have the right to represent yourself during your divorce. However, just because you are not legally obligated to hire a divorce attorney and have the right to represent yourself during your divorce does not mean you should choose not to retain an attorney and represent yourself. There are several reasons why it is not a good idea for you to represent yourself in your divorce. This article discusses five reasons you should not represent yourself in your Florida divorce.

Filling out Required Forms

While there are many forms available online for those looking to handle their divorce cases alone, many of these forms are confusing. Many of the forms you will find online are extremely vague. It is usually impossible to personalize online forms or create a detailed version from the examples provided. And if you cannot personalize an online form or create a thorough version from the examples provided, it means you are bound to enter incorrect information on your forms. Unfortunately, if you enter incorrect information on forms, it could result in you spending more money in the long run because of refiling. Additionally, entering the wrong information on forms can harm the outcome of your divorce and prevent you from getting certain relief because you did not legally ask for it.

Evidence Presentation

It might seem like hiring a divorce attorney is a waste of money, but think about the skills and expertise divorce attorneys possess. For example, a divorce attorney understands the rules of evidence. A divorce attorney understands the things that can be submitted into evidence. If you decide to handle your divorce case alone, you might find yourself trying to present evidence that is considered inadmissible. It might frustrate you when you are told you cannot submit a particular item or document into evidence. Trial is very complex and not something that should be done without counsel.

Negotiating and Presenting Your Case

You might think you are an effective legal negotiator because you are a skilled business negotiator. But the truth is that while you might be good at business negotiations, you might not be good at legal negotiations. Divorce involves a lot of emotions, making it hard for you to remain objective. It might be easy for you to remain objective when dealing during a business negotiation, but hard for you to remain objective during your divorce.  An attorney can help keep the process objective. Further, a divorce attorney may have other ideas and solutions for your case that you would not have known about or thought of.

Unforeseen Issues May Arise                                                   

You may decide to represent yourself because you think you and your spouse have resolved all your divorce-related issues. But what happens if, for example, your spouse changes his or her mind about alimony or child support? Other unforeseen issues could also arise that might be difficult for you to handle without the help of an attorney. This is especially true if there are children or a decent amount of property and finances involved.

You May Prolong Your Divorce

For example, if you present something that cannot be submitted into evidence, you may need to gather more evidence to present and that might prolong the divorce process. Also, submitting forms with incorrect information can prolong the divorce process. Lastly, not knowing how to schedule hearings, mediation or trial will also delay your case.  An attorney can help with this.

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